Skins Get Real

Everything started with one simple thought, seeing something cool in game, and wondering how it would be like in real life… 

FadeCase set out on a mission to create the most unique and kickass collectible products in the gaming market. With a strong relation to FPS games we wanted to bring life to in game skins. With various shapes, vibrant colors and amazing detail the skins got real!

In our assortment you will find collectible knife replicas from in game with various skins of Karambit, M9 bayonet, Flip knife, Gut knife, Bowie and Huntsman, Shaddow Daggers, Falchion, with suiting stands. As well as Grenade replica lighters, gaming stickers and plush toys.

The FadeCase team has over 20 years of experience from the gaming market, and we are passionate gamers. We have always loved to collect items from all the games we played. Therefore we have a unique insight in creating our products, from start to finish, we make sure that the end result will be nothing but perfect. FadeCase should be any gamers given choice when searching for an epic gaming souvenir for himself or as a gift.

We are obsessed with E-sport and have teamed up with the some of the most well known esport organizations in the world to create our Team Knives series. We saw this as a unique opportunity to support and give back to your favorite team or just being able to show of your passion for E-sport.

Not a lot of things are for certain. However, what is for certain is that FadeCase will keep bringing amazing ideas and items to life and we will never stop making you say “wow that’s cool”.

In game today, at your door tomorrow!