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Legacy Collection Introduction

Every player leaves a legacy behind. Today’s top eSports athletes have developed elite skills throughout years of practice—dedicating their skill, tactics and innovation to cohesive, decisive team-play. From the sands of Dust II to the crumbling streets of Inferno, the individual athletes of the best teams in the world have been immortalized by their own, personal victories—gripping success after years of personal strategy development. CS:GO veterans have come a long way, securing headshot percentage numbers and unique playstyles while facing the challenges of an ever-changing, ever-growing sport.

The Legacy Collection celebrates these athletes, hosting customized player knives expertly designed to showcase the individual athlete’s history as not only a team player—but as a solo master. Each Legacy Collection Karambit, boasting its classic southeast Asian design, has been endowed with iconography which reflects the game’s truest tactician: the player. Each blade, diamond-engraved, is unique from the other. Represent your favorite eSports athlete with style, showing off their legacy in a unique way.

The Legacy Collection is an exclusive collaboration between these individual Counter-Strike athletes and FadeCase. Engraved with a “C” logo to identify a quality product, each Legacy Collection knife shows off its respective athlete’s most-recognizable imagery. Situated in a collectable case which present’s the athlete’s image, each Legacy Collection collectable knife features the athlete’s legacy mark: their signature.

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